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IALA Minutes
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IALA Conference Call
February 12, 2010
Meeting Minutes

Members Participating:

Alberta Comer, Chair (ISU)
Randi Stocker, Member at Large (IUPUI)
Jaena Hollingsworth, Vice Chair (Chair next year) (IUPUI)
Mary Beth Minick, Past Chair (IUPUI)
Scott Pfitzinger, Member at Large (Butler)
Lana Wilson, Secretary / Treasurer (Taylor)

Meeting began around 3:30p.

Last year was unusual due to IALA Conference switching times of year, membership schedule, and confused everyone. Not sure how to progress with meetings, but hoping to get on track this year.

Two main topics of conversation today:

1. Annual Conference.

2. Determining whether or not to have Spring / Summer meeting.

ACRL Scholarly Communication Conference - asked for proposal. Has been submitted by ILF members at IUPUI. Co-sponsored with ALI. ACRL will do ½ day and other ½ will be local speakers: Eric Lease Morgan (ND), Richard Edwards (IUPUI), Jason Jackson (IUB). Only action is to wait to hear back from ACRL, which should be around March 1st. If this event falls through, we'll need to discuss if we want another event.

How will we aid ACRL in this endeavor, if our proposal is selected?
We may only help in advertising and distributing.

Annual conference wanted proposals to be in by March 19th. However, deadline will likely be extended to April 1. Thus, we should all encourage colleagues who might have something to share to submit proposals soon.

Jaena had a couple of ideas for a spring/summer event. Virtual programming? A webinar? Would help with cost of those attending, and those creating / supporting. The reference division did a virtual conference, and could gather some information about whether or not it was successful and how it worked. This idea was popular with all members present.

We came up with names of people to possibly present for luncheon conference. Submit them to ILF program committee. Indiana state poet laureate suggested to Alberta as speaker for luncheon. Not sure if he has draw for academic librarians. This was questioned. Hoping to find some other options - typically have had an out-of-state person with some sort of academic library connection (ALA, ACRL, Library instruction). ILF has a standard honorarium for the speakers. We usually submit some ideas and they pursue the name(s) and return for more suggestions if original one doesn't pan out.

Alberta suggested links between IT and Library. Others suggested someone speak on issues with course management and copyright - court cases involved in this discussion, for example, Kenny Cruse. More ideas: Information literacy, working within shrinking budgets to provide same services, blended librarian and "new" librarian, also University of Rochester study by an anthropologist. Names that arose were Steven Bell and John Shank. Or, University of Syracuse, or Univ. of Rochester's Stanley Wilder was dean of public services at the time. Lead anthropologist maybe Nancy Fry Foster. Those last two topics sound most interesting. Larger draw on people. Very nice to get someone outside the field to talk about things we take for granted, etc. Decisions to gather names for possible speakers: Steven Bell, John Shank, Anthropologist and discuss this at next meeting in March.

Questions arose on what else do IALA needs to do at the Annual Conference? The speakers we institute will have an officer preside over it. Introduce and collect evaluations. Program committee highlights a few of the programs that are of particular interest to academic libraries. Not sure if we have someone on that committee at present. May want someone to sit in on those meetings, if we don't have someone built in.

Randi to sit in on ILF Program committee, if we don't have someone (because she is the longest seated Member-at-Large).

Is there an IALA listserv? Alberta and Mary Beth say no. Mailing list, yes, but no listserv. Meaning, we have no rapid, direct means of communication. Email is our only method of contact.

Scott asked if we could use a blog-style web site that has RSS and people can subscribe to. It was determined we would have to contact them first via email.

Is there a way to put something on the web site? Do people go and actually use it, other than conference registering?

Brought up Robin's email about $1 reimbursement for recruitment for ACRL. Alberta to follow up on that.

Who to contact the ILF office and see status of listserv migration? Having this, we could easily contact everyone to ask for proposals to Annual Conference. We may be able to send a message to ILF to send out. We might not have access to list. Jaena to find out about that, as she's already had contact regarding this.

Scott and Alberta shared their ideas for proposals to submit for the annual conference. Scott's will be about the IT and Reference area changes going on at Butler. Not staffed with librarians, but have combo basic computer troubleshoot/Basic ref/Multimedia help from student workers who are well trained.

Alberta will focus on the new system migration they've been experiencing over the past 6 months. Will cover working with public library, challenges and benefits - share interesting aspects and issues that have arisen. Four institutions are involved in the consortium: a Liberal arts college, 2 private colleges, and a large public library. Also bring up migrating from more than one vendor.

Meeting adjourned around 4:15p with the plan to set up another conference call for early March to discuss ACRL conference, or, if our proposal was not accepting, establishing what we can do for a spring / summer event for IALA.

Minutes prepared by Lana Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer


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