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Board Job Descriptions
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Indiana Library Federation Board
Job Descriptions 


Authorization:  Bylaws, Article VI: Officers


The ILF president’s duties are to preside at all meetings of the board of directors and during the annual conference business meeting. The president also prepares the agenda with the Executive Director for all meetings and reviews minutes as created by the Board Secretary after review by the Executive Director to distribution or publication].The president calls the board of directors to meet when necessary for the work of the ILF and invites guests to board meetings, if necessary. The president calls the executive committee to meet when necessary and is a voting member of the budget committee and the executive committee/personnel committee.

The president may act as spokesperson for the ILF on all established policies. The president represents the ILF in all official capacities.

The president establishes new committees or sub-committees as needed; fills vacancies in ILF board committee chair positions.

The president may initiate new programs.The president acts as liaison between the ILF and other official bodies, such as the ILHB, the Indiana State Library and other groups in the Indiana library community.

The president may consult with the Executive Director, accountant, treasurer and assistant treasurer on the development of ILF’s annual budget and on financial matters on an as-needed basis. The ILF board president is a voting member of the executive committee, the personnel committee and the budget committee.  The ILF board president also an “ex officio member” for the following committees:

Annual Conference Committee
Awards, Honors, & Scholarship Committee
Intellectual Freedom Committee

Insurance and Benefits Committee
Legislative Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Publications Committee 

The term of president is one year followed by a one-year term as past president.

If the ILF board president wishes to register for any ILF event, he/she can contact Tisa Davis ( (317-257-2040 ext. 104) and she will register the president at no charge. Alternatively, the president may register and the ILF will provide reimbursement for the fee.

The ILF board president will be reimbursed for traveling to meetings at the current mileage rate as well as for travel to association/district conferences and division conferences, along with lodging and food costs.  The ILF president’s total costs of attending Legislative Day in Washington, DC will be reimbursed.


Vice President

Authorization: Bylaws, Article VI: Officers
The ILF vice president’s duties include presiding at the board of directors meeting in the president’s absence. The vice president shall become president in the event of the resignation or death of the president.
The vice president shall work closely with the annual conference planning committee and assist in the coordination and implementation of the annual conference. The vice president shall also serve as liaison to the districts.
The vice president shall serve as liaison and ex-officio member of the membership committee.
The vice president is a member of the executive committee, personnel committee, and the budget committee.
The vice president’s term is one year before serving as president. Following his/her term as president, he/she is past president for one year.


Past President

The ILF past president’s duties include assisting where needed in the transition between the incoming president and past president’s term.

The past president is a voting member of the executive committee, the personnel committee, and the budget committee.

The past president is chair of the nominating committee in the year he/she becomes past president. The ILF Executive Director will work with the chair and the nominating committee to ensure a roster is developed by September of each year for membership voting.

The past president (or his/her designee) is also a voting member of the insurance and benefits committee.  The purpose of this committee is to plan, develop and implement a range of insurance benefits for members, via the brokers which ILF recommends and has used successfully for many years (Richard Sutton and Martin Dezelan).


Authorization:  Bylaws, Article VI: Officers


The ILF secretary takes minutes at the board of directors meetings.

The secretary shall preserve a complete file of records of proceeding of all meetings of the ILF and board of directors and provide same to the ILF office after his/her term for preservation.

The secretary works with the executive director to finalize ballots for the current membership to vote. The secretary and the nominating chairperson shall confirm the validity of the ballot results and counting paper ballots as submitted by trustees as needed.

The secretary is part of the executive committee/personnel committee and the budget committee.

The secretary serves a two-year term.

Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer Elect

Election Information:

Four Year Position

Years 1-2: Serve as assistant treasurer/treasurer elect

Years 3-4: Serve as treasurer

1. Regularly notifies units of financial balances.

2. Works with the treasurer and executive director to review and approve unit conference plans and use of conference profit accounts.

3. Reviews monthly financial statements for problem areas.

4. Periodically reviews financial documents with the accounting firm.

5. Serves as a voting member of the Budget and Financial Development Commitee and serves as an ex- officio member of the following committees: Annual Conference Planning, SPEC, Insurance & Benefits, Personnel and Publications.

6. Serves as an ex-officio member of any unit receiving a grant of more than $25,000.

7. Trains for the treasurer’s position.

8. Assumes the treasurer’s responsibilities when the treasurer is not available.

9. The final approval of any decisions rest with the treasurer.

10. In the event that the treasurer cannot serve, the assistant treasurer/treasurer elect becomes the treasurer.


Member At-Large

 Authorization:  Bylaws, Article VI: Officers and Nominating Committee Standing Rules (Chapter 6 in Leadership Notebook)


The “member at-large” has a two-year term on the ILF board.

Divisions are notified in spring that they may propose an at-large member from their membership to serve on the ILF board of directors. Divisions which have an at-large director leaving the ILF board must wait one year to nominate a candidate. Selection of the at-large director candidates is wholly the responsibility of the nominating units. The nomination must have the support of the division. The ILF office works with the division chair to assure support of the nomination.

The ILF member filling the at-large position on the board attends meetings, usually held every other month. The ILF board of directors work on business associated with items that relate to the policies, management and financial status of the organization.


Mission:  The mission of the ILF is to foster the professional growth of its members and to promote libraries of all types in the state of Indiana.

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