Individual Membership

Individual membership dues are based on the salary tier chart below. Please note that all ILF memberships are on a calendar year and expire December 31 regardless of renewal or join date. First time members, individuals who have never been a member of ILF, can join for $40 in their initial membership year.
Tiers  Dues
 Tier 1 - Salary $0 to $19,999  $40
 Tier 2 - Salary $20,000 to $29,999  $60
 Tier 3 - Salary $30,000 to $49,999  $80
 Tier 4 - Salary $50,000 to $74,999  $100
 Tier 5 - Salary $75,000 or more  $120
 Unemployed or Retired  $45
 Former Trustee  $45


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Are you a current student working toward your MLS or MLIS? You're eligible for a joint student membership between ILF and the American Library Association. You're able to join both associations for one low price of $42. Click here to apply for joint student membership. 


In order to be eligible to vote in the ILF Executive Board election, membership must be received by the ILF office at least six weeks prior to the annual business meeting (typically held at the November Annual Conference) to vote in the current year's election of officers.

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