Wednesday, Nov. 16

1:45 p.m. - 2:35 p.m.

Play in Practice: Using Play in the Library & its Effects on Early Library| Veterans 1 (this is a 90 minute session)
Kara Pauley

Learn about the importance of play in child development, including how different types of play help children develop skills they will use later in school and life. This session will cover dramatic play, math and science learning, play used in library programming and Storytime--as well as how we incorporated play into our new children's space.

Building for Success: Expert Tips for Your Library Renovation or Expansion | Veterans 2

Philip DeAngelis, Arkos Design and Chris Scandling, Bremen Public Library

This presentation details the construction process for a library renovation and expansion, using the recently completed Bremen Public Library as a case study.  We will discuss the details of preparing for a project to begin, working with the general contractor, and managing operations and patron experience while the library is under construction.

Native Plant Gardening | Veterans 3
Aaron Stump

Our workshop covers the importance of native plants in gardening and the dangers of gardening with non native or invasive plants. We also discuss the value of shifting public perspective regarding native plants by demonstrating these sustainable gardening practices in popular public venues.

Fire Up Your Readers with Book Talks | Veterans 4
Carli Sauer

Are you looking for ways to ignite a love of reading in your school library? Book talks are where it's at. Attendees will get a few tips for firing up readers through book talks, hear a few book talks, and get ideas for reaching students even when they are not in the library.

YHBA: Promoting and Presenting Indiana's Children's Choice Award in your Library or School | Veterans 5
Valerie Bassett

Ever wondered how to incorporate YHBA into your existing curriculum? Join us to discover some creative ways to use YHBA as a
Makerspace activity, or as a traditional instructional activity. We will show you how to use the program as a tool to educate,

encourage, and excite your readers. Plus, find out next year's nominees!

Turning a Tome into a Digital Experience: Creating the Digital Encyclopedia of Indianapolis | Salons 1-3
Elizabeth J. Van Allen

The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis was heralded as a national model for urban encyclopedias when it was released in 1994. It can still be found on the desks of reference librarians, archivists, historians, and even the mayor and other city officials. As valuable a resource as it has been, the time came to update, expand, and digitize the encyclopedia. After 3 years of work, the free-access, web-based encyclopedia,, was finally launched in November 2021. The updated Encyclopedia of Indianapolis provides a comprehensive view of the events, people, and organizations that shaped the city's past and present. Subject matter experts from all walks of life have authored over 1,900 entries. Images and interactive content enrich the encyclopedia thanks to partnerships with arts and culture organizations across the city as well as individual community members. This project would not have been possible without the many partnerships we forged along the way.

Author Q & A: Tiffany Jackson | Salons 4-5 
Diane Rogers 

Learn more from author Tiffany Jackson in this fireside chat Q&A.

Who Should Play in the Library? Everyone! | Salons 6-8
George Bergstrom

In this session we will cover the pros of a games collection in a library and how to circulate games. Resources available from the Games and Gaming round table of the American Library Association will also be covered. There will be plenty of time for audience questions and activity.

Dr. Seuss in the Academy: Protecting the Open Pipeline of Information from Pre-K to Higher Education | Salon A
Shane White

Public scrutiny and legislation challenging public and school library collections has long been an issue but have reached a fever pitch recently. Academic libraries are given carve-outs in the laws and largely do not have material challenges. This presentation will focus on how these issues impact academic libraries and what they can do to support information freedom and why they must help protect public library and media center access. 

Patron Engagement with Crowdsourcing | Salon B
Katie Farmer

A presentation on Digital Indy's virtual crowdsourcing effort to enhance the Indy Parks and Recreation digital collection. The presentation will cover how we repurposed transcription software to engage volunteers in adding location information to photographs. We will also cover how volunteers were recruited for the project and talk about unexpected successes and failures.