Wednesday, Nov. 16

10:00 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

School Librarian Rubric Workshop| Veterans 1
Debbie Accord

This session will dive into the School Librarian Rubric that was adopted in 2021. We will unpack the competencies and explore and share ideas on how we might already be meeting these in our own programs. We will also brainstorm ways we might address areas of weakness.

Let's Battle| Veterans 2

Karen Webb

Promote the love of reading and the introduction of newer books to students by sponsoring a Battle of the Books competition. This sessions give details on how to organize the event and also how to prepare a team to participate.

Leading Transformational Change: Strategies for Success | Veterans 3 (this is a 90 minute session)
Kimberly Bolan

Change is a constant in today’s world both at work and in life. Some people thrive on change and embrace it, while others are stressed by it and try to resist and stop it. So, how do we move forward when presented with these challenges? In this session, Kimberly Bolan of Allen County Public Library and Heather McNabb of Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library will present strategies for leading changing today’s libraries. They will discuss ideas for working in new ways with staff and the community to evolve services and increase engagement. There will be ample time for audience questions and participation.

Enhancing the Story: Developing a Smaller Scale Capital Projects Fundraising Campaign
| Veterans 4
Lisa Lintner

The Johnson County Public Library Foundation publicly launched a fundraising campaign in July 2021, a few months after the groundbreaking of the new Clark Pleasant Branch. This campaign was designed to raise private donations to enhance intentionally designed spaces with state-of-the-art technology and features, as well as to construct an exterior space promoting art, health and nature. With the Enhancing the Story Campaign, residents learned of six special project areas that needed additional fundraising to become a reality: public art, a Robotics Learning Lab, teen gaming center, early childhood learning area, an Adult Learning Center and a nature trail & community garden.  Join library director Lisa Lintner and learn about the campaign’s fundraising process that raised over $300,000 for special projects at JCPL’s newly constructed branch.

Building Diverse Collections with TeachingBooks and Book Connections | Veterans 5
Susannah Gilbert

Create collections that best serve your communities with TeachingBooks and Book Connections – provided to all Indiana schools, public libraries, universities and residents through INSPIRE, a service of the Indiana State Library. Join us to learn how to use the Collection Analysis Toolkit to generate reports that provide insights into the genre, cultural, and curricular classifications represented in your booklists and collections. Leave this session with strategies for identifying award-winning diverse books to augment your collections and promoting those books to your communities.

Getting Students Back in the Library: Strategies to Create a Vibrant, Full School Library | Salons 1-3
Robyn Young

Is your library usage dwindling? Do you want to create a dynamic program filled with students and teachers? At Avon High School in Avon, Indiana, we've got so many students coming in that we often have to turn them away. Learn about our coffee sales, Freshmen reading program, the Library Media Course, and more

Social Worker in the Library | Salons 4-5 
Yanna McGraw, Beth McGraw, Brianna Gates

Indianapolis Public Library conducted a needs assessment to bring a social worker to the library. The social worker has been in place since July of 2022. This session will provide background information on bringing a social worker to the library provided by Dr. Beth Whaler who conducted the Needs Assessment for the current social work position at Indianapolis Public Library. Brianna Gates who is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Field Education at Indiana University School of Social Work will provide information on working with the IUPUI School of Social Work in providing practicum student placement. The session will end with the current social worker at Indianapolis Public Library Yanna McGraw will provide information on the role, the importance of relationship building with community partners, working with disadvantage populations, connecting patrons to community resources, and how to best utilize BSW and MS practicum students. Yanna will also talk about challenges and success of having a social worker in a library setting. This session will run from 10:00-11:30am.

It's Not About the Seeds: Growing Your Seed Library or Other Special Collection | Salons 6-8
Bradley Howell, Kathy Sasseman, Julia Welzen

Going beyond a passive seed library, the Hamilton East Public Library team’s active, inclusive, and community-building approach drew in non-library users and created conversations about values, gardening, and what a modern library means for its users. In this interactive session, we’ll help you identify what makes your community unique and generate ideas for turning a seed library or other special collection into a community magnet through partnerships, outreach, and feedback.

You Want Me To Do That On a Library IT Budget? | Salon A
Lisa Johnson

In this presentation we will walk through assessing your current IT infrastructure, creating and prioritizing your needs and creating a five-year technology plan. We will work on creating a replacement cycle that stays within your budget so you aren’t worrying about unplanned technology expenditures. We will also discuss right-sizing technology to fit your library and what questions to ask to know of your IT professional if you are replacing hardware. Join us for this interactive session and leave with documents to track your technology inventory, create a five-year plan for the state and have a better understanding of replacement cycles for your IT equipment.

Invisible Work: Reference Best Practices in the Public Library | Salon B
Kara Cleveland

Whether you are new to the reference desk or a seasoned professional, this presentation covers best practices at the Reference desk. Included are basics of good reference, the reference interview, barriers to good reference, knowing your audience and helpful resources.

OverDrive Marketplace | Salons C-D
Christine Burrough and Joan Bruckman

Join two experts from Indiana Digital Library's (IDL) Collection Management Team to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for ordering in Overdrive Marketplace. While presented from a consortium viewpoint, non-consortium Overdrive purchasers will benefit as well. Whether you are a Marketplace beginner or more experienced user, you're sure to find some practical takeaways for streamlining your purchasing process. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A. TLEU eligible.