Wednesday, Nov. 16

11:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.

School Libraries: The Place to Check Out a Library Career| Veterans 1
Ben Moore

Come learn how a middle school librarian's student assistants course gives those students opportunities to work in a library and gain first-hand experience doing a variety of library tasks, including circulation, shelving, book talking, and technology trouble-shooting. Through asynchronous activities and modules, students also gain a deeper understanding of library-related issues, including freedom to read and collection development.

Build New or Renovated? How to Know the Right Decision for Your Library| Veterans 2

Jack Faber

Build new or renovate? A big decision. The best path for your library can be discovered by taking steps to properly assess your library's facility, funding situation, and your current and future needs. Jack Faber, Architect + Designer at Hafer, will explain the process to get you to the best direction for your library.

The Journey to Storywalk | Veterans 4
Tammie Buchanan

The presenter will share experiences of creating a storywalk from the initial contacts in the community to find a location, to design and physical set up, to programming, to evaluations, and finally to sharing results. The presenter will include tips and tricks learned in the process. Come share the journey and think about how you could bring a storywalk to your library.

Increasing Accessibility in Your School Library | Veterans 5
JoyAnn Bourdeau

I have been researching and curating resources and strategies to make the library more accessible to all of our learners and specifically to meet the needs of my Hard of Hearing students and English Language Learners. Come to hear what I have learned so far in my journey to make the school library more accessible, brainstorm and share resources and ideas, and draft plans for things to try! While this is geared towards school libraries, many of the resources may also be useful to public librarians who support K-12students with research or librarians who are working to make their online content more accessible.

Revisiting & Revising your Personnel Policies: A Legal Perspective | Salons 1-3
John Goth

An attorney's walkthrough of common pitfalls and potential traps to look out for when reviewing and updating your Personnel Policies.

Read Aloud Indiana 2023 List Presentation | Salons 6-8
Lindsey Walters

Members of the committee will present the Read Aloud Indiana list for 2023, share the importance of reading aloud, and how to choose good read alouds. 

Stop and Promote the Rosies | Salon A
Jennifer Cornelius, Tracy Johnson, and Rachel Milburn

Members of the Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award Committee will share a variety of resources for educators and library workers to share with students to promote the award. 

To Dewey or Not to Dewey: Rethinking Collection Organization | Salon B
Emily Ellis

The Dewey Decimal system has served us well for years, but is it still the only option for organizing our collections? Is it user friendly or does it create obstacles for patrons to find what they need? Come learn about Subject Savvy - the Greenwood Public Library's word-based organizational system from initial vision to selecting the right words and making the change. We'll also discuss a shift in our collecting philosophy and how we're working to right-size our collections to keep them fresh and inviting.

INPRS: Indiana Public Retirement System: PERF/TERF| Salons C-D
Laura Amonette

Whether you’re new to PERF or have been a member for years, this session is full of information to help all ages plan for retirement. During the workshop, INPRS Consultant Laura Amonette will:

  • Explain how the PERF retirement plans work
  • Review the features and benefits of each plan
  • Help you determine when you are eligible for benefits
  • Show what you can do now to prepare for retirement later