Library Education Units (LEUs)

Professional development is an integral part to the renewal process for public librarian certification. The Indiana Library Federation has blanket LEU approval for all of our offerings. We are committed to providing the best in education and professional development. 

Regardless of your ILF membership status, you can view and print your own LEU transcripts right from your account portal. 

To access your LEU transcript you will need the following: 

  1. Your account username - most commonly the email associated with your event registration. You can send a request to your email to have your username sent to you. 
  2. Your account password - if you do not know this information or your account was set up for you during the registration process, you can request a link to reset your password, allowing you to create your own. Please use the email associated with the event registration. 

If you sent a request for either your username or password and did not receive an email (ensuring to check spam/junk), reach out to Caroline White for further assistance. Please do not create a new account, this creates duplicate records in the system which makes it difficult to determine the correct one. 

After logging in, you will click the "Continuing Education" option from the blue ribbon located at the top of your account portal. This will take you to your Continuing Education page. From here you can view and export your LEU transcripts at any time you would like, when it's convenient for you. 

If you find incorrect or missing information, please email Caroline White. She can help make any necessary corrections. 

LEU Submission Process  

Following each event where LEUs are offered and earned, each attendee will be sent an Event LEU Submission Form. You will receive a confirmation email with a timeframe in which you can expect your LEUs to be uploaded to your account portal. Please keep in mind that for larger events, there will be a slightly longer timeframe to ensure adequate processing time for staff. 

If you would like more information about LEU requirements, click here

To access your LEUs from your accournt, click here. You can also access these any time that you are logged in or directly from the Member Center after logging in.