How to participate:


Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to read and rate the nominees for the Eliot Rosewater Book Award.
All school age students in public, private and homeschoolers are encouraged to participate!

Teachers and Librarians

Any school or public library in Indiana providing resources to students in grades nine through twelve can participate if they:
  1. Make sure at least 12 of the nominated titles are available.
  2. Provide the online voting form link OR paper voting ballots for students who have read at least one of the nominated books.
  3. Encourage students to vote online OR tally their students' paper ballots and report the results to the Rosie Award Committee by the LAST Friday in April at 11:59pm. 

Public libraries are encouraged to purchase and publicize the Rosie books and encourage their students to vote online.
Participating public libraries must also provide at least 12 of the nominated titles.
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